The mini T-RRIBLE

The mini T-RRIBLE

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English Edition

"The mini T-RRIBLE" is a children's book for children aged 3-6, written and illustrated by Children's Author J.N. PAQUET (who is also the creator of "The Book of The Animals" series).

"The mini T-RRIBLE" is the story of a very special boy called Oliver Bluemoon. What is very special about Oliver is the fact that he is bilingual. One day, a strange little monster, "The T-RRIBLE," knocks at his door and asks him to travel to his planet because only HE can save his people from a gigantic asteroid that is about to destroy everything. Will Oliver succeed? 

With this new book, the author has created, as in his previous children’s books, yet another very special story which stimulates the children to engage with their own imagination and have an enjoyable reading experience, both with their parents, teacher or educator and on their own. 

Its educational aim is to drive the bilingual fun-learning and the reading comprehension through an extraordinary story that shows to the children the importance of speaking other languages. 

Keen to go even further than ever before in promoting bilingualism, literacy and fun-learning, "The mini T-RRIBLE" also teaches the children the benefits of making decisions, developing ideas and thinking on their own. 

The colourful handmade illustrations, all created and painted by the author himself, open the children to his colourful new world where they will, episode after episode, get to meet some funny little creatures, visit their lands and kingdoms, discover their honey trees secret and where, more than anything else, there is no limit to anyone who is bilingual and loves books. 

The story promotes team working and friendship, among other moral values, and how these values can help avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Although it was written for all children aged 3-6, it has a special appeal to the children who, living in bilingual families, sometimes don’t want to be bilingual anymore. "The mini T-RRIBLE" shows them that being bilingual is a great asset, it should always be cherished and it will be useful in their future lives. 

After all, bilingualism is more than speaking two languages. It is also about learning from others: their culture, their life and their differences. Learning from each other is all that is needed to build a better world… right here, on Earth!


Author: J.N. PAQUET

EISBN: 9781910909331

Format: Kindle eBook

Publisher: JNPAQUET Books Ltd

Release Date: 2015-07-26