The Book of The Animals - Episode 1 (Bilingual English-Portuguese)

The Book of The Animals - Episode 1 (Bilingual English-Portuguese)

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Author: J.N. Paquet

Binding: Kindle Edition

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 26

Publisher: JNPBooks Ltd

Release Date: 01-03-2013

Details: NEW EDITION: Brand new designed jacket, added higher resolution & redesigned illustrations.

Well... it seems that these animals don’t want to wash! But step by step, each one discovers that washing their feet, their hands and their teeth is really very important for the animals, as well as for the children!

A funny way to learn and a fun way to teach. As everyone knows how difficult it can be to explain to young children how important it is to wash...


What are certainly the most occurring moments in a parent’s life? When their child doesn’t want to wash, eat, sleep, go to school, share, take medicine, get vaccinated... And what can a parent answer to these refusals?
The successful “Book of The Animals” bilingual children’s books series was created with the aim to help both parents and children to discover the benefits of washing, eating, sleeping, going to school, sharing, taking medicine, getting vaccinated... in a fun as well as educational manner. Since the books are also bilingual, parents will enjoy the teaching and the interactivity they can gain from reading them with their children.

The books are geared towards children aged 2-5, before elementary/primary school.
They will likely be bilingual children whose parents want to encourage the learning of their two current languages.
They will also be children whose parents want to teach a language at a young age.
Some teachers have also been using the books of the series as a way to teach a second language to children, with themes easy for them to both understand and memorise.

There are currently seven books in the series.
Each episode brings on new animals, new words, new situations and new stories.
- Ep.1. “These Animals... Don't Want to Wash!” (2008)
- Ep.2. “These Animals... Don't Want t

Languages: English-Portuguese