Mely and Bela (English-Portuguese): The Great Jahat

Mely and Bela (English-Portuguese): The Great Jahat

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Author: J.N. Paquet

Binding: Kindle Edition

Format: Kindle eBook

Publisher: JNPBooks Ltd

Release Date: 12-10-2015

Details: Note: This version of the book is in English-Portuguese.

Once upon a time, in an extraordinary land, there were two little princesses. Mely and Bela.
Their daddy was the very powerful King of the Kingdom of the Blue Strawberries.
A fantastic land in which everybody was living in blue strawberries.

With “Mely and Bela” the little readers will discover the wonderful world of two little princesses who make new friends in every episode and learn together with them about friendship, good manners, good behaviour and common sense, through some fun and mysterious adventures.
The playful reading and the funny illustrations will definitely charm the parents too.
This is the first episode of a delightful little books series for every little girl who wishes to become a little princess one day.

Languages: English