I Just Love MY FRIENDS! (Bilingual English-Portuguese)

I Just Love MY FRIENDS! (Bilingual English-Portuguese)

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English-Portuguese Edition

All the children are different, like different things, behave in different ways and do different things too. Nobody is perfect. 

Discover a funny little book that will teach us about friendship. Friendship? Children know that. Because they just love their friends, don’t they? 

The story was written by “The Book of The Animals” series’ author, J.N. Paquet, whilst the illustrations were created by his 5-year old daughter, I.L. Paquet. 

This is also a bilingual book. Thus, children can learn another language and have fun at the same time.


Author: J.N. PAQUET

EISBN: 9782365212151

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 26

Publisher: JNPAQUET Books Ltd

Release Date: 2013-10-03