Brexit is a Religion
Brexit is a Religion
Brexit is a Religion

Brexit is a Religion

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Brexiters ‘believe’ in Brexit. An ideology of division, isolationism and chaos carried by careless, self-interested and self-proclaimed prophets.

“The best thing for us now, because we are a great country, a proud economy, a proud democracy, is to take back control.” — Boris Johnson, 6 March 2016 (BBC’s Andrew Marr Show)

People who do not believe in Brexit are mockingly labelled ‘Remoaners’, be they politicians, journalists, artists, business people or simple commoners, it does not matter. Brexiters make no distinction of status or class when they label people. In some cases, they even call them ‘Traitors’ on national papers with the sacred claim that they do not accept the will of the people. Because, to the Brexiters, you are either on THEIR right side of History or you are not. You either believe in Brexit or you don’t.


Because Brexit is a religion. Full stop. A religion with its language, its narrative, its symbols and its myths.

The book “Brexit is a religion” will explain where the Brexit anger comes from. The social, political and economical points that, should they have been noticed and understood before the 2016 Referendum, would have led to a different result.



J.N. PAQUET is a British author and journalist who has been writing about current affairs for over two decades for media in Taiwan, the US and the UK. He is the Editor of the political magazine PMP Magazine. He is also a Political Writer for and a contributor to the Huffington Post UK. Author of over 50 books, among which a book on populism and nationalism in politics “The Tip of The Populist Iceberg?”.



The book will officially be released on:

- 24 July 2019 in eBook format;

- 31 July 2019 in paperback format;

- 31 August 2019 in audiobook format.



Pre-order the book today to receive the book one week prior to the official release on:

- 17 July 2019 in eBook format;

- 24 July 2019 in paperback format.


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