Copyrights & Infringements


Copyright Notice

JNPAQUET Books Ltd is the owner of the copyright of all the books appearing in its catalogue, which it distributes via its eBook partners to the public in copies protected by technological measures.

Our eBooks are exclusively available at our official worldwide eBook partners:

- Amazon Kindle, 
- Kobo, 
- Google Play, 
- Apple iBookstore, 
- and JNPAQUET Books Ltd online store hosted by GumroadShopify.

Any other company, website or individual claiming they currently own a license to sell our eBooks or can offer our eBooks "free of charge" MUST be considered as a fraud or a scam, and put readers who might download the files from their websites or from emails they would receive at risk of infecting their computer, tablet, smartphone or other devices with malwares, viruses or trojans.

Trafficking in circumvention products causes publishing companies and authors financial losses in the form of lost licensing revenues.

Any copyright infringements will be reported, websites and webpages shamed and taken down, and individuals and companies behind such illegal actions prosecuted.

It is our policy to act promptly when we notice copyright infringement for any material we own the copyright, such as the unauthorised download of eBooks from our catalogue, that are otherwise protected by DRM technology via our retail partners, available on unauthorised third-party websites.

We consider such situation as a clear copyright infringement and will not hesitate to report an official Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) complaint for every such infringement.





Note: A global piracy ring has been found guilty in a US federal court of intentionally infringing copyright, sharing copies of books from up to 16,000 international publishers. The maximum damages allowed under US law - $37.5m – were awarded. (Read more: "Copyright infringers fined $37.5m" - The Bookseller, 23 April 2015.)