What a crazy day, yesterday!


Hello everyone,

What a crazy day we had yesterday!!

The elves built thousand of smartphones and other game-playing devices (sorry, I just cannot keep up with all of the names and technology!!).

One of the elves asked me to have a go at what he called a video call. How lovely to speak to Santa who was out for the day and to see him at the same time!

Every year I get even more amazed at all the new inventions out there!

Let me tell you something else. We avoided a major catastrophe, yesterday. One of the elves (a fairly new elf: he only started working with us 57 Christmases ago!) loaded the wrong presents into the wrong sleigh!! I think he had too much hot chocolate in the morning and got completely confused!

He loaded the Austria presents onto the Australia sleigh! We only figured it out because there was a pair of gloves sticking out of one of the presents and another elf thought that was a bit odd for someone in Australia to order woollen gloves… So, she had a quick look at the list of presents for Australian children and she quickly realised it was a big, big mistake!

Don’t worry Günter from Vienna, your woollen Spiderman gloves are on their way! :)

Warmest wishes,

Love Mrs Claus.