The final hours...


Good morning my dear friends,

In a few minutes, Santa will be on his way to the first houses to deliver the very first presents of Christmas 2019.

From Sydney to Tokyo, Beijing, Moscow, Ankara, Johannesburg, Casablanca, Paris, London, Madrid, Washington, Toronto, Brasilia, Mexico City or Lima, Santa will travel hundreds of thousands of miles around the globe.

Please, do not forget to leave a cookie or a biscuit and a glass of milk for Santa, and if you can... a carrot for the reindeer...

Tomorrow morning, all the children in the Nice List will receive beautiful presents. Please, don't forget that behaving well and being polite doesn't end on Christmas Day. It is an effort we must all make every day.

Also, to enjoy the Christmas spirit all year long, why not read a funny little book, "Silly Santa!" (it's the elves' favourite book!)

Santa, the elves and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!!

Warm wishes,

Love Mrs Claus.