The elves


Good morning,

Whether the weather is good or bad outside, there is always a lot of work for the elves to do down here. Always smiling, always full of beans, they work to make the children of the world happy.

The elves are very important in Santa's life. They don't just help him during the Christmas period, they help him all year long.

Some of them keep the Good List and Naughty List updated for Santa. Others check on the cameras whether the children behave at home and at school (Santa's Christmas Deliveries Company is GDPR Compliant!).

They also help us around the factory to make sure the robots work well, the wrapping system is up to scratch and the computer is up to date with the latest programmes.

Without the elves, Santa's job would be soooooooooo difficult. We are so grateful. To show our gratitude, we usually give them a special present on boxing day: a maaginen vihreä hattu (a magical green hat that take them to a magical forest with a funfair!)

Have a lovely day!

Warmest wishes,

Love Mrs Claus.