Santa's Computer.


Hello, my lovelies,

I can’t believe Christmas is only a few days away.

The year has flown by. It has been lovely seeing you all growing up.

We have a team of elves keeping an eye on you all… that’s where we get the Good List and the Naughty List from. Santa is always very impressed with children who make a special effort to be on the Good List. It doesn’t take much you know: be kind, respectful, polite and help others. Oh, and I almost forgot… DO NOT PICK YOUR NOSE!!

Today, I am going to check everyone’s address in our Santa Computer because some of you have moved to new houses and others even moved to different countries. Do not worry, we know where you are and Santa will be coming to you soon! We just need to make sure your presents are loaded into the right sack! That’s the job of Elf Spot-On (yes, that’s his name!).

Santa and I had a lovely day in London yesterday, we met some wonderful children. We went to the Kew Gardens' Christmas Market and met many children there. What a magical time of the year Christmas is! Today, Santa will be visiting markets in Austin (Texas), Lima (Peru), Nairobi (Kenya) and Oslo (Norway).

Well, that’s it for today. I have plenty to catch up on. I will speak to you again tomorrow!

Warmest Wishes,

Love Mrs Claus.