Remembering 1956



I hope everybody is keeping warm. It has definitely gone colder here at The North Pole. Even Santa had to put his gloves on while training the reindeers this morning!

Everything is looking great for Christmas Eve, the sleigh is being booked in later on today for its final MOT, but Santa is very happy with it, so it should be a straightforward process.

One year though, I think it was in 1956, the sleigh broke down 2 days before Christmas. It was complete chaos here. Luckily, the elves had almost finished producing all the presents, so they could concentrate on repairing the sleigh and they did it! It was a very stressful time.

Fortunately, the delivery took place as normal, but if you were a child in 1956 you may have noticed the wrapping paper and ribbons may not have been up to scratch!

After all these years the excitement is the same... Santa and I cannot help it, it is in our blood. Bringing joy is the most magical job in the world!

I would suggest you read a children’s book, Silly Santa!, which will take you back to Santa’s life as a little boy.

Warmest Wishes,

Love Mrs Claus.