Not always according to plan...


Good morning, my lovelies,

We are almost there! I love these couple of days before Christmas... families travelling to be together, Christmas carols at the market, mulled wine and mince pies… It is in my blood, you know. My heart beats Christmas and so does Santa’s. We live for Christmas and we want to make sure it all goes according to plan!

The Santas had only a couple of mishaps over the last few hundreds of years.

I remember once getting a frantic elf banging at my door on Christmas Eve to tell me that Santa was stuck in a lift in a skyscraper in Dubai! We had to send a special team of elves engineers to free him up. As we thus lost one hour of delivery time, we had to apply a super booster to the sleigh. I think Rudolph had the time of his life that night!

Another day, a very long time ago, Santa woke a very tiny dog in a house, in England. The whole family came dashing downstairs to see what was going on. Fortunately, Santa had time enough to use his invisibility cloak and stopped breathing for a minute until they all went back to bed! Santa was able to safely deliver the presents under the tree though.

Let’s hope that this year’s delivery will go very smoothly.

Make sure there is no fire in your chimney on Christmas Eve… and tell your dogs and cats to be good!

Check out the funny little book about our Silly Santa!

Have a lovely day,

Warmest wishes,

Love Mrs Claus.