Don’t forget to send your letter to Santa!


Good afternoon,

I see you have been listening to my advice... so many letters have been received today!

The elves are really excited and I heard some rumours that the workshop may open tomorrow!!

Santa is busy training for the big night, it is a short but intense night for him. He needs to keep in tiptop shape!

Soon, it will be the reindeers’ time to warm up! They have enjoyed a well-deserved break for the last 10 months but now it is time to get ready! (You know that little ringing noise you sometimes hear at night-time, it is them practising in the sky!!)

Christmas Day is coming so quickly that we might not have time to eat all the mince pies the ladies elves are busy preparing... Oh, I love a good mince pie, it truly is the best part of Christmas!

Do keep warm, my little friends, and don’t forget to send your letter to Santa!

If you are in the UK:
Santa/Father Christmas
Santa’s Grotto

If you are in Canada:
Santa Claus
North Pole H0H 0H0

If you are in the US:
Santa Claus
325 S. Santa Claus Lane
North Pole, Alaska 99705

If you are elsewhere in the world:
Santa Claus Main Post Office
Tähtikuja 1, 96930 Rovaniemi


Warmest wishes,

Love Mrs Claus.