Christmas is for family.


Hello everyone,

5 days to go! 5 days to go! Put your hand up if you can’t wait for Christmas Day! (Santa is putting both his hands up!!)

So, where are you going to spend Christmas Day? At home with friends or with family? Maybe visiting some family abroad?

We have Santa’s sister and her lovely family coming to spend Christmas Day with us. Santa’s sister is such a lovely person. She works in the Mail Department at Christmas Deliveries. She gets to receive all your Christmas lists and knows everything about every child in the world!

This Christmas, I am going to cook a turkey, of course! The elves will be helping me, as they have Christmas Eve off. It will all be ready in no time. We will just have to hope that Santa will be on time too! You know how silly Santa can be sometimes, don’t you?

Let me know what your traditional Christmas dinner is where you are. I always love learning about the different ways to celebrate in the world!

Warmest wishes,

Love Mrs Claus.