A quick look at the nice and naughty lists...


Good morning,

I paid a visit to the Christmas Control Centre yesterday. Let me tell you, it was lovely to keep an eye on all of you!

I did see you, George, yes you!, helping your little sister to brush her teeth (extra points for you my dear!) and Amelie, you did very well in maths, that extra work definitely paid off! Well done!

I won’t be talking about you, Charlie, or you, Sofia... I think you know why...

Let’s keep this in between us and the elves, shall we?

There isn’t long to go now, but remember that it is still plenty of time to make it to the good list, everyone! Any act of kindness would make a huge difference, it will make you feel great, it will make somebody’s day and it will make your list look better!! It’s a win-win situation, so spread some joy!

I am now off for a mince pies tasting session at the headquarters. I will speak to you again tomorrow.

Warmest wishes,

Love Mrs Claus