A lovely pre-Christmas dinner.


Hello everyone,

I had a lovely evening with Santa last night. The elves made a lovely dinner for us, as from now on I won’t see much of Santa until well after Boxing Day.

It is a very busy period in the North Pole and Santa rests pretty much 11 months of the year to be on top shape for December.

Well, to be fair, he still monitors the naughty and good lists and makes sure every child is happy with what was delivered on the big night... but this job has been made so much easier since the elves acquired some very powerful computers!

Remember, everyone, it is never too late to make it to the good list... An order can be changed at the very last minute. It does happen every year and it is such a delight to witness!

If you think you may be on the ‘wrong’ list, give it an extra push, help a bit more at home, spread the joy and do that homework, it will be well worth it!

Warmest wishes,

Love Mrs Claus