8 ways you can make your children read bilingual books today.

Follow these 8 easy tips to get your children to start speaking two or more languages in no time…


1. Go to the library!

Take your children to your local library. You will find a foreign language section, also called “dual-language” in some libraries, in which you should find bilingual books.


2. Go shopping!

Take your children to your local bookshops or to big chains such as Waterstones. You will find a foreign language section with bilingual books.


3. Go online!

Order bilingual books online. Visit Amazon to see if they have books available in your language.


4. eRead!

Order bilingual eBooks online for KindleKoboiPad and other Tablets.


5. Smart travel!

When you travel abroad, visit local bookshops and other shops where you may also find bilingual books and DVDs with your children’s favourite characters and bring them home in your luggage.


6. Celebrate!

For your children’s birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations, do ask your friends and family who live in your country to offer them bilingual books as presents.


7. Embrace the languages!

Join Saturday playgroups, clubs and language schools organised by members of your community. Besides teaching your language, they may also have storytelling sessions and sometimes receive authors too. A great way to discover new bilingual books and make new friends!


8. Swap books!

Finally, if you have friends with children who also speak your language, why not exchange bilingual books with them? Sharing books with friends is fun!

(Photograph Credit, Courtesy of Marli Walesa)